DJ cafe and bar

Indian restaraunt & nightclub

МоскваУл. Пятницкая, д.25, стр 1
Режим работы: круглосуточно
+ 7 (495) 532-532-0
+ 7 (495) 544-777-4

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India. Hard to find any other place on Earth where all human feelings experience such a huge onslaught. Colors, smells, emotions, sounds - all this fascinates at first sight, breath, step. It is no accident  that many tourists, traveling around India and being not ready to overcome this onslaught, try to escape from this whirlpool at the first opportunity. And after returning home, after some time, they passionately want to come to this country back. Once upon a time we also found ourselves in India, and at first sight fell in love with this country – through joy and tears, through admiration and compassion. That’s when an idea of bringing a part of India into the center of Moscow was born in our hearts. Years later we realized our dream.



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